Important questions to be answered

We understand embedded finance may look as a magic pill and there are thousands of questions on how it works and why is it needed.

Below we answered few of them and please don't hesitate to message us — we like questions! 

What's embedded finance platform?

This is your end-to-end partner to implement white label financial products to solve the needs of your core business and to get it running without extreme investments into the internal expertise.

Please find here the cases we implement and manage.

Why would my business need Embedded?

The easiest answer is cause every business uses it for ages: think about loans people used to get in a grocery store before the consumer loans even exist.

Embedded financial solutions can reduce costs of payments; improve existing business processes; increase lifetime and lifetime value of your consumers and create incremental revenue flows.

Check our use cases here to learn how embedded finances can change your business.

How much it will cost for my business?

We work with large-scale enterprises and usually don't charge you for the implementations of the project. We get a tiny share on the payment volume which will be happening in your product and we get it from our suppliers.

If your business isn't that big, please reach out to us to discuss the possible ways to do the project.

Find more details on the way we work and earn money here.

Do I need a banking license?

No. All the financial products are sold and served by our suppliers, which are properly licensed in respective jurisdictions. Our clients don't need to set up any kind of license to use embedded finance.

Is Embedded licensed as a bank?

Embedded is a software connecting our suppliers with our clients. We don't sell or serve financial products and accordingly don't have to be regulated.

In which countries does Embedded work?

Embedded works literally in most of the countries around the world. However, as infrastructure of our suppliers is limited to their jurisdictions, for certain countries it may take longer to launch a project.