End-to-end partner to enable financial solutions for your business

Embedded is the global embedded finance platform, enabling payments, money movement and new meanings of financial products through end-to-end solutions developed on the infrastructure of our suppliers and managed for the audiences of our clients.

Why Embedded

The heart of Embedded is in the deep analysis and understanding of your business, it's needs and strategic objectives. Our Business Analysis team constantly discovers new industries and their priorities to offer the value of the embedded white label financial solutions.

We understand you're not an expert in financial markets and products and we don't expect you to become one of those. Our Product Development team scopes the financial solutions in a way they solve the actual core needs of your business and improve the key business indicators.

We also know, 80% of the success belongs to the execution of the project and we do this job for you cause your success defines ours. Our Product Management team takes care of your project since the day one and keeps it going on a daily basis, carrying all the responsibility for the deliverables.

In few words, we aim to discover, develop and deliver the successful financial solution to make your business stronger.  

The way we work

We're not interested in launching hundreds or thousands of projects which will not have a chance to become something big. That's why our focus is on the large enterprises and the projects with potential of billions of dollars in payment volume.

We don't charge any fee for the development, implementation or management of the projects we launch. Instead of this we get a tiny share of the payment volume from our suppliers. This proves we are interested more in the high performance of the project rather than in the implementation.

As we work with non-financial businesses, we understand they may not have even basic solutions for the product frameworks. This is why our product portfolio includes customizable white label client facing applications (both for desktop and mobile) to be used with our products. 

Where we work

Even though, we are able to launch projects almost in any country or territory in the world, we still have the timeline of market enablement and it'll take a bit longer to launch a project in some countries.

Below you can find the countries we currently work or aiming to launch in the nearest future.

Ready countries


Optimizing countries


Asia Pacific:

Countries planned for CY2024-2025


Latin America & Caribbean:

Countries planned for CY2025-2026


Asia Pacific:

Latin America & Caribbean:


Exchange houses

Wallet providers

Mobile network operators

Loan & Instalment providers

Data aggregators

Loyalty providers

Software providers

The solutions we use

All the financial products and solutions we use in our products are sold and served by our suppliers, which are properly licensed in the respective jurisdictions if this is required by local regulatory frameworks.

We're not limited by the financial products only, but we aim to integrate with the platform any kind of the solution which can add value for our clients and their customers.

Below you can find the high-level list of the suppliers and solutions we use. If you represent a company which may be our supplier, please reach out to us.